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note: “Poland, Fascists march in Warsaw and counter action
On Nov. 11, different fascist and far-right groups will march in Warsaw. The demo will be organized by the All-Polish Youth (Mlodziez Wszechpolska) which in recent months has gone back to organizing beatings of punk kids and others who hang around. They will be joined, among others by ONR and NOP. Some anti-fascist actions are planned. Their march begins at 17:00. — On the 11th there are also other things planned, for example an Anarchist People’s ball starting at 19. Anybody who is coming through Warsaw is welcome. If anybody plans to demonstrate, they should contact people first to get legal and logisic info. No real information will be sent through the internet, except for where to go and who to contact.” (posted on ainfos, Sun, 02 Nov 2008)