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author: dylan miner



author: painsugar a.k.a. dd (jakarta, indonesia)
note: “I did to respond G8 Meeting in Japan 2008” (quoted from the source); “…it would be nice if I can write something about my artwork and what related. BUT I believe sometime words be a jail of our imagination. so let the audience free their imagination and interpretation about that object I draw. So everyone free to make personal analysis. BUT I can share about technique 🙂 I use ballpoint and drawing pen to draw the object (man and baby) and then I scaned and done with photoshop colored. BUT if I want to put on street I will Screen print on paper and spread out an the street. I make space at up image so if friends with different language can take words and information about issue. And spread the world-earth is not OKAY.” (quoted from an email, 12/29/08)