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this website archives visual traces of radical activism. you can “Leave A Comment” to add relevant informations on images. a relevant information is a comment on the origin of images, the context of their production, consumption and/or reception. comments left must help in the documentation of each image. if you want to leave a general comment, please use the reply box at the bottom of this page (“about the archive”).

categories are defined according to medias and visual strategies. tags are defined according to places, organisations, and subjects.

in the “blogroll” section, you will find links to the images’ various sources.

do not hesitate to send us information on forthcoming protests, demonstrations, squats, political actions,…

the archive will soon be upgraded with a new section containing historical images and documents !! stay tuned…




  1. A terrific resource, and tour through radical activism around the world. Please, though, post or link to the highest quality versions of the images that you can find, for those of us who want to treasure and reuse some of the images.

  2. cool site, thought you might like,, for some more graphic material. peace.

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