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Monthly Archives: December 2009


note: «On November 14th of 2009 at the INSITE Arts and Resistance Conference at the University of Guelph a confrontation between campus pigs and conference tablers/organizers took place over a complaint about a supposedly “hateful”, “offensive” and “homophobic” flyer. We can argue that two out of the three of these descriptions are clearly correct. Why? Because they are purposeful.

This flyer was a Bash Back! Guelph action. It involved no one affiliated with the university nor any organizations. Although INSITE organizer’s support during the confrontation
on the day of and since then is greatly appreciated beyond words. The fact that organizers have been targeted because of this flyer is unfortunate and ridiculous! No one person is responsible for this action or it’s distribution.

So the real issues are, Is our flyer hateful? Yes. Is our flyer “offensive”? Damn right!
Did this flyer make you feel threatened? Did this flyer make you feel unsafe or oppressed? GOOD. Now maybe for one second of one moment you felt like many queer and
trans folk do every fucking day, so stop whining. This flyer is a response to years of persecution and violence carried out by many religious institutions. You want to call this flyer hate propaganda? It is. You want to call it violent? It is. This is the fucking point. Have you reacted? Good. This is the fucking point. Do you find “Fags Hate God” offensive? Try checking Then you tell us what you find more offensive or what is truly violent. And what does history show us?

The CSA’s and campus media’s response to this expression of speech, this action of taking back our fucking lives, is absolutely disgusting. Two wrongs don’t make a right? How about standing up for yourself and all your loved ones raped, murdered and beaten because of their sexuality and lifestyle. Actually think about the words you use and who you’re supporting for two fucking seconds! What’s even more disgusting is this so called investigation into the flyer. What would you like to do, persecute all queers who take issue with hetero-normative assimilation and it’s religious roots? Would you really like to charge us with a hate crime? We’d gladly make a queer circus out of your tribunal! Seeing as your investigation is such a joke to begin with. You’re going after the wrong people. We call your bluff. Hate to tell you, but unless you want to attack ALL non-conforming, pissed off queers, you’re shit out of luck! (And if that’s the case .. are you sure you’re ready? Because we sure as hell are!)

This flyer is just the beginning. This communique is just a small response.
We’re sick of being told how to react to what affects our lives. We’re sick of taking people’s shit (ahem, Brenda Whiteside). We will have our cake and eat it too!
We won’t be bashed anymore. You think you have your hands full now? Just wait. It’s our time now to Bash Back!

-Bash Back! Guelph »